Workshop Sunday July 16th 2023

Workshop covering all aspects of Practical Tai Chi Chuan.

– Pushing Hands (drills, freestyle, competitive)

– Hand forms (square, round, mirror, beginner, advanced, short, long, advanced)

– Applications (one-step, hands/weapons, two-step, sparring (possibly, depending on participants)

– Jibengong/conditioning

Date: Sunday July 16th

Time: 9am – 1pm

Location: Outdoors, De Chene reserve – you can see a map location from this page (“Saturday mornings”: If any issues, please phone (0458 980 289)

Price: $30 (cash or direct payment see page above for payment details)

Please RSVP as much in advance as possible. If there are enough participants, and the weather looks dodgy, I may be able to book an indoor venue.

In any case, bring water, snack if you need one, equipment if you have it, a light anorak just in case.