Given the unfortunate situation the world faces with COVID-19, we are now running a Virtual Classroom. The work we can do with lockdowns in place forcibly excludes partner work such as applications and push hands. In the Virtual Classroom we therefore work on Practical Tai Chi Ch’uan forms, qigong, drills and conditioning exercises. Please sign up for all classes via the Google Classroom tool.

NOTE – you can access the online classes directly with the following zoom link, at the class time; however, joining the Google Classroom will get you updates, links to teaching material of various kinds, and the chance to communicate with students and teachers. The Zoom link we will probably be using is

Join with the class code ytj7c3o – you will need to go to google classroom ( ), click the ‘Go to Classroom’ link and then sign in or create a google account (it does not have to be a gmail account, just use whatever email you normally use). Then click the + button in the top right corner to join a class with the code above.

Class days/times
Tuesday & Thursday 6.30-7.30pm
Saturday 10.30-11.30am
This schedule is subject to change – I’ll announce such things through the Google classroom platform.

Fees & payments – donations only
Given the massive changes to people’s lives and finances, ChangeSkill virtual classroom is all free – but you can support the cause with donations, as you see fit. There are still expenses for the school such as annual insurance and general overheads, and my time as a teacher, even though the physical costs of a training hall are not there with these online courses. To make any payments, details on