Chief Instructor – Phil BrownInstructors Practical Tai Chi Chuan Melbourne Phil Brown

Phil Brown has been learning and teaching the art since 1985. In 1989 he became an ‘inside door’ student of Master Dan Docherty and later brought the style to France, starting classes there in 1992. Dan Docherty, who passed in 2021, was the creator of ‘Practical Tai Chi Chuan International‘ and taught thousands of students all over the world. He was one of Cheng Tin Hung’s top students, notable for participating in and winning various full contact competitions in South-East Asia.

Phil has participated in numerous competitions in France, in the UK and on the European circuit. He is a qualified instructor with:

– Australian Kung fu Wushu Federation (AKWF)
– Practical Tai Chi Chuan International
– Tai Chi Union of Great Britain / British Chinese Martial Arts Association
– French Federation of Tai Chi Wushu
He migrated to Australia in 2011.
He is a member of the Tai Chi Association of Australia (TCAA), affiliated to the Australian Kung Fu Wushu Federation (AKWF). He has been an accredited instructor with the AKWF since 2013 (National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS)).

Assistant Instructor – Tom Strang

Tom Strang is a long-term Tai Chi Chuan student with several years of Yang style training before starting Practical Tai Chi Chuan at the start of 2014. He has been an ‘inside door’ student of Phil Brown since January 2015. Tom became an accredited instructor (AKWF / NCAS) in 2017.

Practical Tai Chi Chuan Melbourne Tom Strang